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Sidi Ahmed Ben Lhaj Al Ayachi Skiredj (1877-1944)

• He is the Erudite Scholar, the Jurist, the judge Sidi Ahmed Ben Lhaj Al Ayachi Skiredj.
• Specialist in jurisprudence, Arabic grammar and language, prophetic biography, hadith, Sufism, literature, mathematics and poetry.
• Officer of State, holding various positions, with the kings Moulay Hafid and Moulay Youssef, particularly the post of Superintendent of the Ministry of Waqf property and the position of Magistrate in Oujda and Settat.
• Author of over two hundred publications and books, mainly on the Tijani Sufi path, and the praises of the prophet, prayer and salutation of Allah on him. One of these poems consists of nearly twenty thousand verses.
• Some examples of publications:
1. Lifting the Curtain Concerning Those Companions Who Met Sheikh Tijani.
2. Removing the Veil After Lifting the Curtain Concerning Thoses Companions Who Met Sheikh Tijani (four volumes).
3. Perfuming the Souls by Some Lessons and Some Papers That I Have Written
4. The Brilliant Star Making Evident the Way by Explaining the Crown Jewel "Durrat at-Taj" of the Jurist (faqih) Abd al-Karim Bannis
5. Provisions for the Hereafter: a collection of nearly seventy poems, exceeding two thousand verses, praising the Prophet, prayer and salutation of Allah on him.
6. The Kaffiyyah Poem by way of Transforming the Hamziyyah into Kaffiyyah on the Kamil Rhythm
7. The Healing Advice: a didactic poem of 3042 verses on wisdom and sciences.
8. Rare Gold in Highlighting the Greatest Virtues of the Prophet Sayyidina Muhammad, prayer and salutation of Allah on him- a poem of 19,150 verses, translating the book of Hafiz Jalal al-Din Suyuti (Major Virtues of the Prophet). The author stopped composing this poem on the night of Thursday, 22 Rajab 1363 AH, a month before dying. His brother, Sidi Muhammad, the 'jurist (faqih) of Tanger’, finished the poem for him.
• Read his publications on the website www.cheikh-skiredj.com

The project the "Sukayraji Tijani Library" (Maktaba skirjia tijaniya), comprises a collection of two hundred and three books and documents about the Tijani way and it contains nearly twenty thousand blessed pages, as well as more than five well-chosen publications on the theme of Sufism in general.
The special features of this library are:
• Ability to search in these pages,
• Ability to add a multiple number of these books, very soon, insha Allah.
Thus, this library is considered a database specific to Sufism and especially to the Tijani way.
We are pleased to name this library 'Sukayrai Tijani'- an homage to the scholar, Gnostic, Sidi Ahmed bin al-Iyashi Sukayraj, Allah be pleased with him. whose publications are over two hundred books, and through whom the chains (of transmission) of most of those involved in typing, authentication and accuracy of the texts of the Tijani Path are connected.

And it is an exalted chain- being called the "Golden Chain," since there were not between him and the Shaykh, may Allah be pleased with him, except two:

• The Gnostic Moulay Ahmed Abdellaoui,
• And the pole Sidi Ali Tamassini, Allah be pleased with them all.


1• Sidi Ahmed Ben Lhaj Al Ayachi Skiredj (1877-1944)

2• Sidi Mohammed al-Hajuji - Biography, written by our friend and brother sherif sidi El hassane Debbarh (Sherif H.D)

3• Tijani Women Companions, by sherif H.D

4• Merits of the Followers of the Seal of Saints , by sherif H.D

5• On virtue of the prayer on the prophet , by sherif H.D

6• Biography of the erudite sidi Mohammed erradi genoun , by sherif H.D

7• The Prayer of Salat al-Fatih , by sherif H.D

8• The Tijani Narratives , by sherif H.D

9• The Concealed Pole: a Chronology , by sherif H.D

10• Attainment of Aspirations , by sherif H.D

11• Sufism: An Introduction , by sherif H.D

12• The Sparkled Bridegroom in the Sealness of the Concealed Pole , by sherif H.D

13• Clearing the Confusion between the Difference of the Shaykh Tarbiya and the Muqaddam , by sherif H.D

14• The Tijani Path: Litanies - Conditions - Dimensions , by sherif H.D

15• The Concealed Pole and Seal of Mohammedian Sainthood Sidna Shaykh moulay Ahmed Tijani , by sherif H.D

16• Sheikh-ibrahim-nyass-STARS OF THE GOOD ROAD

17• From the Arcane Secrets of the Tijani Path , by sherif H.D

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