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René Guénon, Abd AI Wahid, 1981, 20 p. Cahiers Unicorne
Abdulaziz, Maulana Shah, Secret of Two Martyrdoms. Honor and remembrance of Hazrat Hasan (A.S.) and Hazrat Husain (A.S.A) by a Sunni mystic (1780 1860), son of Shah Waliullah of Delhi. Appended is collection of "World Opinion on Husain", with praise from many non muslim, i.e. Gibbon, H.G. wells, Carlyle, Ghandi, Nehru, et. 1971, 186pp.
Abu Bakr Effendi, The religious duties of Islam as taught and explained by Abu Bakr Effendi/ a translation from the original Arabic and Afrikaans with an introduction and notes by N. Brandel Syrier. Leiden: Brill, 1971. X, LVI, 198 p. : 2 ill (Pretoria Oriental series; 11) Reprint of the 1960 ed. with additions and corrections.
Ahmed, Sufia. Muslim community in Bengal 1884 1912 Status and development of Muslims of Bengal as India witnessed emergence of Indian National Congress and Formation of all India Muslim League. Growth of Muslim community viewed in relation to education and economic status of urban and rural classes. 1976, 136pp.
Ahmad, M.M. Zuhur Ud Din Mystic Tendencies in Islam. Discusses origin and development of islamic mysticism, analyzes its principal elements; shows relations to fundamental tenets of Islam. xii, 224pp
AI Alawi, Sheikh Ahmed A sufi Saint of the Twentieth century. A beautiful portrait by Dr Martin Lings (Abu Bakr Siraj ed Din) of a spiritual master of a North African Order descended from the Shadhili's through Sheikh Ahmed ad Darqawi, chapter on the origin of sufism, poetry of the Sheikh 1971. 242p.
Ali, Ibn Abu Talib, Hazrat (A.S.) Nahjul Balagha Eloquent Sermons) Best edition we have seen, based on text of Seyyed Razi (4th cent. A.H.) Translator, s. Ali Raza, has given a reliable English version adding Razi's notes as well as those of Mufti Jafar Hussain Saheb, the scholarly editor of the Urdu version. V.I. Preface, Intro, etc. from saheb, 120 sermons; V. 11, 118 sermons; V.III, Letters and sayings, indexes to sermons, documents and letters, sayings. 1972, xLi, 520 pp.
Ali, Ibn Abu Talib, Hazrat A.S. Nah jul Balagha. Smoother English translation (by M.A. Salim) but without notes, commentary, index, or background. Includes sayings of Hazrat Ali as well as unique 7 page sermon (Arabic and English texts) containing no aleph, by wich Ali Disproved claim aleph is indispensable to Arabic 1975, 304 pp.
Ali, Hazrat (A.S.) The Richest Treasure. Compilation and editing by Yousuf Lalljee of letter from Hazrat Ali (A.S.) written during his Caliphate to the governor of Egypt about 657 AD. Principles of administration set forth eloquently and compassionately, incliding conduct of the ruler. A mode]. 26pp.
Ansari, Sheikh Abdullah, The Introduction (munâjât). Translation in 1938 by Sir Jogend's Singh, 1959 (59 pp)
Ansari, Khwajih Abdullah "munâjât Intimate Prayers". Translation by Lawrence Moris and Rustam Sarfeh, M.D. 1975, XI, 88 pp. + persian text
J. Arberry: 1) Muslim Saints and Mystics. Abriged translation by A. J. Arberry of "Tadhkirat al Auliya, containing stories of 38 of 114 sufi's in original, 1973, (287 pp), 1973 (300 pp).
2) Tadhkirat al Auliya. Translation by Dr. B. Behari including episodes from more Sufis (62) than Arberry's edition, XXII (213 p.p.)
Ardalan, Nader The sense of Unity the Sufi and Tradition.
Bakhtiar Laleh, 1973, XVIII, 151 p.p.
Arnold, Sir Edwin Pearls of the Faits (Islam's Rosary) A poetic commentary on the names of Allah (Asma al Husna) in the form of stories of great beauty and merit.
Asin Palacios, M (L'islam christianisé) (Etude sur le soufisme d'Ibn 'Arabi de Murcie.). Paris, Edition de la Maisnie, 1982
Asin Palacios (La Escatologia Musulmana en la Divina Comedia) Seguida de Historia y Critica de una polemica 1984, 4e edition. (xvii+615 p)
'Ata 'Illah, Ibn, Sufi Aphorisms. Translation by Victor Danner of Kitab al Hikam. with introduction and notes, of a basic Sufi text on wich commentaries have been written in almost every generation since. 'Ata 'Illah's death in mid 13th cent. AD.Danner attempts to situate 'Ata
'Illah's in matrix of the Islamic tradition. Includes Silsilehs (Spiritual Pedigrees) of Shadhili order, 10 pp. of Sufi technical terms. Unfortunately expensive, but worth every penny. 1973 xiv, 88 pp.
'Attar, Farid U DIN MuslimSaints and Mystics Abrigded translation by A.J. Arberry of 'Tadhkirat al Auliya', containing stories of 38 of 114 Sufi's in original, revealing approach of each to mystical fulfillment. 'Attar was Iranian Sufi of 12th 13 th century AD, of whom Jallal ed Din Rumi wrote: "Attar is my very sou], as Sana'i is my spiritual eye". 1973 (rep) 287 pp.
'Attar, Farid UD Din Conférence of the Birds. Translated from french by C.S. Nott, a very moving allegory of the spiritual quest. The only English version of this Sufi classic by a contemporary of Omar Khayyam. (see Biography) 1974, 147 pp.
'Attar, Farid AI Din, The'IL ah i n ama, or, Book of God of Farid aldin 'Attar translated from the Persian by John Andrew Boyle: with a foreword by Annemarie Schimel Manchester University Press. 1976. XXII, 392 p. :24cm. (Unesco. Collection of representative works; Persian heritage series)
'Attar, Farid UN DIN Tadhkirat a Auliya. A cheaper edition, translated by Dr. B. Behari, including episodes from more Sufis (62) than Arberry's edition, but briefer. xxii, 213p.
Averroes, Tahafut al Tahafut (Incoherence of the Incoherence). This is the philosipher's answer to the near fatal attack by al Ghazzali's "Incoherence of philosophers" (see below). Translated from Arabic bu Simon Ven Den Bergh. Vol. 1 : Transl. 1962, 374 pp.: Vol. 11, Commentary and notes, 1969, 219 pp.
Bakhtiar, Laleh Sufi. Expressions of the mystic ouest 1976 (120 pp) + 120 photos
Bowering, G., (The Mystical Vision of Existence in Classical Islam). The qur'anic hermeneutics of the Sufi Sahl AT. Tustari (d. 283 896) 1979 (x+286 p.)
Bravmann, M.M. The Spiritual Background of Early Islam. Sub titled' studies in Ancient Arab Concepts'. Since the Qur'an came down 'in plain Arabic' it is of crucial importance to understand the meaning of key words in pre islamic Arabic. Bravmann illuminates with erudition and rigor many, such as din, islam, iman, kufr, ansar, sunnah, bay'ah, fadhl, life after death, the return, crime and punishment, etc. Very important for Qur'anic interpretation. 1972, 336 pp.
Burke 0. M., Among the Dervishes (from Tunisia to 1975 (203 pp). Malaysia)
Burckhardt, Titus, An Introduction to Sufi Doctrine 1968, XII, (l 66 pp)
Cambell Charles, What is 'Irfan ? an introduction to islamic gnosis ('Irfan)
Chapman, J.A. (The Maxims of Ali). Contains maxims on almost all aspects of life under (65), headings with introduction and alphabetical index ( 1968) (86p)
AI Ghifari, Abu Dharr An Examination of his Image in the Hagiography of Islam by A.J. Cameron, a scholarly study wich examines life and influence of one of the companions of the prophet, who was threatened with exile by Omar, because of his support of claims of Hazrat Ali to caliphte, he is source of numerous Hadith, wich are tabulated in an appendix. 1973, xv, 175
Chodkie Wicz, M. (Le sceau des saints, Prophétie et sainteté dans la doctrine d'Ibn 'Arabi), 1986 (240p.)
Cologne Daniel (La révolution guénonienne), suivie de deux entretiens sur la tradition musulmane. Société d'impression technique, (28 p)
Corbin, Henri (Bibliothèque des idées en Islam) (Iranien: Aspects spirituels et philosophiques) 1972 (570p.p.)
Corbin, Henri Spiritual Body and celestial Earth. Corbin has translated eleven precious fragments which specially discus this aspect of Islamic reality from the works of Shihabuddin Suhrawardi (1191 AD), through Ibn 'Arabi, Qaysari, Jîli etc... (I 05p.p.) selections from the texts (156p.p.), notes (63p.p.) Bibliography, 1977 (362p.p.)
Corbin, Henri, Créative imagination in the Sufisrn of Ibn 'Arabi. Translated from the french by Ralph Manheim. London. Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1970 (5414p).
Corbin , Henri. Histoire de la philosophie islamique, 600 ans de développement mystique et philosophique, depuis le commencement jusqu'à la mort d'Averroès, 1964 (384)
Cragg, Kenneth, Wisdom of the Sufis Anthollogy of short quotations from AIFarid, Rumi, Ansari, Abou yazid AI Bustami, Maulana AI Arabi 'Ad Dargawl and others With exercepts from the qur'an and hadith, 1976, VII (94p.p.)
Ad Darqawl, Sheikh AI Arabi Letters of a Sufi Master Translation by Titus Burckhardt. These letters belong to a body of teaching often remaining oral, what might be called "practical sufism". What a sheikh has to say to one or more of his disciples concerning the spiritual path lie may or may not later record. These letters were collected by the Sheikh, himself, copied by his disciples and printed often in Fez. This version from two 19th cent. Manuscripts and a lithographed edition, 1969 x, 38 pp.
Dewey, Edward Hooker. Le jeûne qui guérit, 1969. 208p.
Dumont Fernand, L'anti sultan ou El Hadj Omar Tall Du Fonta, Combattant De La foi. 1974. Africaines. Nouvelles Editions.
Dupree, Louis: The saints come marching in, Hanover, NH American Universities Field Staff, 1977 (4P)
Ebrahim, Trust, Peer Mahomed (Ethics "Akhlaq") Code of behaviour: conviction reliance (on God), sincerity,modesty, truthfulness, eath taking, misappropriation, back biting, arrogance, seeking and giving councel, humility, jealousy), 1976 (350p)
El Eflaki, Shemsoud Din (Legends of the Sufis). Translation by J. W. Redhouse of selections from Menagibul, Arafin of the Mevlevi saints, especially Jallal ed Din Rumi, 1881 (rep. 1976) (125p)
Evola, Julius. Masques et visages du spiritualisme contemporain, 1972. 304p.
Farid Ud Din Attar: conference of the Birds. Translated from french by C.S Nott, 1974 (147 PP.)
Farzan, Masud (Another way of laughter) more than 100 tales of Sufi humor, many from Rumi, Mullah Nasereddin, 1973 (xvi, 112 p.).
Fatemi, Nasrollah, AI Sufism, message of Brotherhood, Harmony, Hope 1976 (246 p.)
AI Qadi, Imam Abdarrahim Islamic Book of the Dead. A collection of hadith on the pire & the garden translated from Arabie by A'isha at Tarjurnana, to which is added a page of counsel on Death in Arable and English by Sidi Muhammad ibn al Habib, an introduction by Abd al Quadir as Sufi, and a section on Sufi practics according to the Darqawi order in preparation for death, including the Arabie & English texts of surat ya sin, recited at the tirne of death of a loved one. 1977, (165p)
Qadri. Ali Muhammad.Al Hizb al Azam. Translated by A.H. Siddiqi of a collection of prayers selected by Allama Qadri from the Qu'ran and the hadith, arranged in seven chapters, one for each day of the week, a sacred program of the remembrance of God for the Whole of the week. (1 l6pp).
Al Ghazzali The Alchemy of Happ i ries s. Tran slated by Claud Flield from the Hindustani version of Ghazzali's own Persian abridgment of the lhya. Eight sections included are :knowledge of self , of God, of this world and the next, role of music and dancing in religions life, self examination and remembrance of God (dhikr), marriage in religions life, love of God. n.d. 136pp.
Al Ghazzali Book of counsel for kings. Translated by F.R.C. Bagley from Persian and Arabie texts. Master piece of persian literature in two parts: (1) proper beliefs a good ruler should hold, being a summary of the Islamic creed, (2) ethical and practical advice on conduct of a ruler, desirable qualities of ministers, secretaries and wives, Intro. notes, index 1964, (272. p)
Al Ghazzali The Book of Knowledge. Translation by Amin Faris of first chapter of book 1 of lhya (revival of religions sciences) in which all learning is praised and especially knowledge of God, Bibliography, indexes of names, Arabic terms, annotated. 1966 (246 pp).
AI Ghazzali the confessions of AI Ghazzali.Translation by Claud Field from a Hindustani version of the Munqid min ad Dalal (delivrance from error), Ghazzali's quasiautobiographical work, written late in life, in which he explicitly confesses to having been a sufi. n.d. (70 pp).
AI Ghazzali The Ethics of AI Ghazzali By Abul Quasem, Faculty of Islamic studies, Malaysia University. Foreword by W. Montg. Watt. Sub title: A composite Ethics in Islam. Ali major problems of Islamic ethics discussed as well as observations of others regarding ai Ghazzali's ethics. Bibliog. of Arabic, Persian & other sources, index of Arabic & Persian terms, gen. index. 1976, (273. pp)
AI Ghazzali Faith and Practice of AI Ghazzali. Translated by W. Montgomery Watt. frorn two works by AlGhazzali: Deliverance from error (alMunqidh Min ad dalal) , The source of most of what is known of al ghazali's life, and the beginings of guidance (Bidayat al hidayat), setting foi th his ideal of religions practices and conduct of social relationships. Essentially an introduction to the Ihya , 1963 (rep) (l 55 pp).
Al Ghazzali Foundations of the Articles of Faith. Translation by Amin Faris of second chapter of first book of Ihya concerning belief, the distinction between "believer" and "Moslem". Bibliography, indexes of names & Arabic words. 1969, 144p.
AL Ghazzali Ihya Ulum ed din (Revival of religions sciences) Ghazzali's magnum opus, five volumes of four books, translated by Maulana FazIul Karim, whose faulty grasp of English rarely obscures his meaning and is compensated for by completeness of this work, unique in english. Book I : worship 335 p; Book Il wordly, usages, 282 p; Book 111, destructive Evils, 334 pp; Book lV (2 parts), ; Constructive Virtues, 536 pp. Set only.
AI Ghazzali Mishkat al Anwar (Niche for lights). Translation by W.H.T. Cairdner of Ghazzali's mystical treatise on the light verse of the Qur'an (s.xxiv, v. 35). Brief, but a crucial contribution to understanding Ghazzali's mystical insights, and may deepen insight of the reader into this profound verse. Introduction of 75 pages by translater, rest is translation, keyed to Arabic text (not included). N° index. 1952 vin, 175 pp.
AI Ghazzali The Mysteries of Almsgiving. Translation by Amin Faris of fifth chapter of first book of lhya. Based on three printed texts, one manuscript copy, describing different kinds of Zakat (obligatory charity), payment spiritual subtelies in charity, etc. 1966 xii, 96 pp.
AI Ghazzali The Mysteries of Fasting. Translation by Amin Faris of sixth chapter of first book of Ihya on obligatory fast of Ramadan and rules for optional fasts. Bibliog, indexes of naines and Arabic words.
AI Ghazzali The Mysteries of Purity. Translation by Amin Faris of third chapter of first book of lhya on ritual purification, an essential in Islam, as the holy prophet said : "Purification is half on belief.'' References, indexes of naines and Arabic words. viii, 100 pp.
AI Ghazzali Ninety Nine Names of God. Translation by Robert Stade of the major portion of the Maqsad AI Asna in which Ghazzali showed in what sense men might hope to imitate the attributes of God embodied in his beautiful naines (qur'an, s. xx, v. 8) 1970, 138 pp.
AI Ghazzali On the Duties of Brotherhood. Translation by Muhtar Holland of part of chapter V of book Il of Ihya on eight duties of Brotherhood: (1) material assistance; (2) persona] aid; (3) holding one's tongue; (4) speaking out; (5) forginveness; (6) prayer; (7) loyalty and sincerity and; (8) informality. Details on life of author, notes. 1975, 95 pp.
AI Ghazzali Some Moral and Religious Teachings. .Translation by Syed Nawad Ali of excepts from Book three and four (Destructive Evils and Constructive Virtues) of the Ihya Also includes short chapter from Minhaj AL 'Abidin (Path of the Devout), said to be last of Gliazzali's works. Introduction contains useful list of Gazzali's known works. Index, 2nd ed. 1944, x 1 70pp.
Gilseman, Michael. (Saint and Sufi in Moderr) Egypt). Chapter on Dhikr, structure of sufi orders, recruitment 1973 (248p)
Guenon, René. Aperçus sur L'Esotérisme Islamique1973. 168 p. (essais).
AI Hallaj, Mansour THe Tawasin. only English version in print of profound and mysterious "ecstatic utterrances" (Tawasin) of the 10th c. AD Sufi, disciple of alJunayd, whose uncontainable fervor brought down the wrath of orthodoxy in Baghdad and led to his martyrdom. This volume also includes "The song of Purification" of the late Sheikh of the contemporary Habbibi order and commentary by Sidi Fudul Al Hawari as sùfi. 1974, 81 pp.
AI Hallaj, Diwan Traduit de l'arabe par L. Massignon, le calligraphe (60 p.)
AI Hamadhani A Sufi Martyr. Translation by A.J. Arberry sub titled "The Apologia of Ain al Omdat al hamadhani, "this is a poignant document composed by an eminent sufi awaiting execution in Baghdad in 1131 AD in a vain attempt to have his sentence overthrown. 1969 (1 01 pp).
Hawi, S.S. Islamic naturalism and mysticism. A philosophic study of Ibn Tufayl's Hayy bin Yaqzan. 1974. (xv, 282 p.)
Hazrat Abbas, Grandson of Holy prophet (PBUHH), son of hazrat Ali by Fatimah, martyred at kerbala bringing water to beseiged Hussein. note on symbols of Muharram, annual mourning of shi'ites for Hussein
AL Hujwiri (Data Ganj Bakhsh) Stories from Hazrat data Ganj Bakhsh, 101 stories taken from al Hujwiri's famous Kashf almahjub by M. Hassan, director of hazrat Data Ganj bakhsh Academy in Lahore. Tales from early Sufism illustrating various aspects of mystical core of islam. n.d., 129 pp.
AL Hujwiri Hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh (Hujwiri). By Masud ul hassan, the first comprehensive work on thte life and work of al Hujwiri, known in India as Data Ganj Bakhsh. He was IIth c. AD Persian treatise on sufism, whose tomb in lahore is still a place of pilgrimage. (see Kashf al Mahjub under sufism). viii, 394 pp.
AL Hujwiri Kashf al Mahjub (Revelation of the veiled) translation by R.A. Nicholson of oldest persian treatise on sufism, written in Ilth cent. AD by Abu l'hassan al hujwiri, native of Ghazna, also known as hazrat Data Ganj Bakhsh. Apparently based in part on Kitab ul lumma', an earlier Arabic classic which Nicholson later edited and summarized (see Abu Nasr al Sarrâj). Gives biographies of sufis. Comparisons of various sects, discussion of technical sufi terms. Indexes of persons, places, subjects and orientai works, books. 1936, 443 pp. (see Data Ganj Bakhsh)
A.H. Kader AL Junayd: The life, personality and writings, 1962 (244 p.)
Kadic, Resad: Mevlud (poem on the birthday of Muhammad). lzvrsni odbor Udruzenja ilmije u SR BIH, Sarajevo 1963, 63.
AI Kalabadhi The Doctrine of the Sufis. Translation by A.J. Arberry of the Kitab al ta'arruf li madhab ahl al tasawwu an authoritative 10th c.AD work on sufism, subject of numerous commentaries by eminent sufis, intended to bridge the gap between sufism and orthodoxy which had widened after martyrdom of Hallaj. Suhrawardi al maqtul (also a martyr) said of it: "but fort he Ta'arruf, we should not have known sufism." 189pp.
Cambridge University Press 1977 (173p) translation originally published in 1935
Keddie, N.R. (Ed.) Scholars, saints. and sufis sub titled Muslim Religious Institutions Since 1500, Book contains 16 papers by scholars whose interest is more political and anthropological than spiritual. Valuable material on role of Ulema (Doctors of law, called here 'scholars') occupies 3/4 of book. Sufism is concerned with Khilvati's, Hamadsha' is, and Mahdists of Sudan. Short excellent article on rare topic of religious observance among Islamic women corrects many misapprehensions. 1972, xi, 401 pp.
Khan, Khajia The Philosophy of Islam. While recognising the difficulty of discursive treatment of Tasawwuf (sufism), the author belleves it to be possible to reconcile orthodox philosophy with sufi doctrine. x 132 pp.
Khan, Pir Vilayat Sufi Masters. Brief remarks on lives and teachings of Rumi, Ibn 'Arabi, Hallaj, 'Attar, Bastami, Shihabuddin Suhrawardi and his own father, hazrat Inayat Khan. 1971, 43 pp.
Khan, Khaja Studies in Tasawwu (Sufism). Drawing material from various writers on sufism, an attempt is made to show harmony and consistency of sufi doctrine. Glossary of technical terras of sufism (xii, 260 pp.)
Khan, Pir Valayat Toward the One. Although there is but one God, there are many ways to him. Acknowledgement of the unity of alms is an aspect of sufism much emphasized by Pir Valayat. High point of book is transition on p. 295 from "meditation" to "Dhikr" "the ultimate practice", which is heart of islamic mysticism, transcending ail that went before. Most important sentence in book appears only once: "The Dhikr should not be practiced without being prescribed by an authorized sufi. "Profusely illustrated. 1974, 678 pp.
Khushaim, Ail ZarruQ. The Sufi. Life and work of 15th cent. Sufi and jurist, Ahmad Zarruq alBarnusi al fasi, founder of a Tariqat of shadhili order in North Africa; of puritanical sunni school of 'sobriety' after al junayd, he neverthless was un bigotted regarding the "intoxicated" such as alHallaj, whom he, like Junayad, condemmed for imprudence. Author, prof of islamic philosophy in University of Tripoli, careful scholar while sympathetic, even possibly an initiate. Illustrated with contemporary scenes of the order. Valuable charts of silsilehs (spiritual genealogies) of Zarruq's and other orders. Admirable review of pure Islamic Sufism according to Zarruq, with chapter on his criticisms of predecessors and contemporaries. Lists of citations of Zarruq, catalogue of 108 known manuscripts and 23 commentaries. History of order. Foreword by RWJ Austin. 1976, vi, 218 pp
AL Junayd The Life, Personality and Writi. By A.H. Kader, contains invaluable material on one of the greatest of the early (3rdAH/ 9thAD cent) Sufis through whom most sufi orders trace their spiritual descent from the Holy Prophet. Extensive excerpts translated from Junayd's writings, including 18 letters and essays with Arabic text. List of known works. 1962, 244 pp.
Jalal Ed Din Rumi Discourses of Rumi. Selections and translation by A.J. Arberry of short commentaries and illustrative talks by the great Persian Sufi with his disciples, is known as Fihi ma fih ("In it is what is in it") from Rumi's reply to a disciple who asked if it contained his teaching, 1972, 276 pp.
Jalal Ed Din The Mystical Poems of Rumi. Translation by A.J. Arberry of 200 of the odes of the Divani Shamsi Tabriz of the great Persian mystical poet. Virtually none of these poems by the founder of the Mevlevi dervishes has been translated before. 1968 viii, 204 pp.
Jalal Ed Din Rumi The Persian Mystic. By F. Hadland Davis. Includes, in addition to a short life sketch, a translation of some of Rumi's works, xiii, 170 pp.
Jalal Ed Din Rumi. The Persian, The Sufi. By A. Reza Arastech, a systematic study of Rumi's re birth as a total being by a psychiatrist whose persian origins combine to qualify him especially to reveal and explain the elements of Rumi's life which are so relevant today. Preface by Erich Fromm, M.D. 1985, xx, 200 pp.
Jalal Ed Din Rumi Poet and Mystic selections from his writings by R.A. Nicholson with translation from the persian, introduction, and notes. 1950, 192 pp.
Jalal Ed Din The saint and the scholar AI Biruni. A symposium honoring the 1000th anniversary of the birth of the scholar al Biruni, and the 700th anniversary of the death of Rumi, the sufi saint. Handsoniely illustrated volume of the Sixth Annual Near Eastern Round Table at New York University. Editor, Peter Chelkowski. 1975, 250 pp.
Jalal Ed Din Rumi The Mathnawi Translation, 3 vols. and commentary 2 vols. reprinting. Let us know if you wish to be notified translated by R.A. Nicholson from 13th c. AD Persian. One of most profound mystical commmentaries on the Qur'an and esoteric Islam ever written compiled from most authentic manuscripts' Persian and English indexes. Translation, 3 vols, 1444 pp; commentary, 2 vols, 846 pp.
Jalal Ed Din Rumi Teachings of Rumi. Translation by E.H. Whinfield of selections from Mathnawi. 330 PP.
Jalal Ed Din The Rubaiyat select translations of Rumi's quatrains into English verse by A.J. Arberry. The only English translation, copies now scarce. 1949, 238 pp.
Jalai Ed Din Selected Poems from Divani Shamsi Tabriz Forty eight odes edited and translated by R.A. Nicholson from a mss of E.B. Browne with introduction and notes, from 1898 edition. reprint 1973, 128 pp.


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